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Our physical therapists apply research and proven techniques to help individuals get back in motion. Whether you’ve had surgery, are trying to prevent surgery, have orthopedic cramps and pains, or suffering from balance problems, our physical therapy Huntington Beach experts will be here for you. We’re reliable health care professionals with extensive medical experience who examine, diagnose, and treat or prevent conditions that restrict the body’s potential to move and function in daily life. We identify and treat individuals of all ages, including children, newborns, and older people. When you choose our physical therapy services, we will strive to help you return to living a full, active, and healthy lifestyle. By making a personalized treatment plan, we can help you regain your mobility and strength so you can return to enjoying your life. Physical therapy treats cure illnesses from overuse of muscles or tendons, injury,¬† or pain. Whether you are injured out in the playing area, recovering from surgery, or treating an illness, our physical therapy Huntington Beach team will be here to help alleviate your pain.

In some instances, you may be transferred to physical therapy by your physician. There are also situations where you might want to look for physical therapy treatments on your own. We will work with you and your physician, if needed, to create the very best treatment plan possible using the latest strategies. Our convenient locations provide a wide variety of physical therapy services and education, from pain relief to movement rehabilitation, workers’ wages to occupational therapy to gait and balance training, and other things. You can also visit our About page to learn more about our company.

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No matter your abilities and age, pain-free movement is essential for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. By implementing a personalized workout plan and using our fitness equipment, we work with our patients to help them accomplish their physical goals, lessen discomfort and pain, and reach full recovery. We provide physical therapy in Huntington Beach for individuals with an injury or dysfunction of an orthopedic nature. Our physical therapy teams can also provide care for someone who has had a mild stroke or other nervous system impairment. Utilizing the latest technology and therapy techniques, we initiate exercises and activities at the start of the recovery process to safely repair damages and surgically repaired tissue. A strong emphasis is put on proper body mechanics and education that can be utilized in all areas of an individual’s life. HB Body Lab can get you back to where you want to be for play, work, and life.

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Physical Therapy Huntington Beach CA

Physical therapy can help decrease pain and increase range of movement, and has been shown to be helpful for problems regarding balance, coordination, endurance, and overall conditioning. Whether you are recovering from surgical treatment, treating an earlier diagnosed condition, or increasing strength and preventing injury, our professional physical therapists can help. Our team provides services on an outpatient or inpatient basis to accommodate your rehabilitation program and lifestyle. Patients are often referred to us with a diagnosis of chronic pain. HB Body Lab can create customized pain mitigation and physical therapy program which may include wheelchair management or posture and gait improvement. We take pleasure in determining and correcting the underlying biomechanical cause to prevent recurrent episodes.

Physical therapy Huntington Beach CA gets the body ready before the orthopedic operation and rehabilitates it after surgery. We promote skilled intervention before replacing the joint for the best postoperative result. Several studies have shown physical therapy before joint replacement leads to a quicker return to function and mobility. Physical therapy post joint replacement is priceless in reducing edema, controlling pain, and maximizing ROM and strength. A personalized plan of care is aimed at you to achieve your mobility goals. Our physical therapy Huntington Beach CA team has practical rehabilitation experience following total shoulder, ankle, knee, and hip replacement.

Arthritis causes joint inflammation. Developed from current physical therapy research, we offer extensive arthritis treatment plans that use manual therapy and customize an exercise program to meet your needs and abilities. Exercises are designed to sustain the mobility, strength, and usage of your joints. You can count on an assessment of your body mechanics and posture. VRT or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is an exercise-based application created to support central nervous system compensation for inner ear deficiencies. When the vestibular organs are injured, the human brain can not depend on them for accurate information about motion and equilibrium, usually resulting in dizziness, vertigo, balance problems, and other symptoms. The objective of VRT is to retrain the brain to identify and process signals through the vestibular system in coordination with proprioception and vision. Our experts in physical therapy in Huntington Beach will develop a customized treatment plan that includes specific head and eye exercises to be done as therapy in a comfortable environment. Contact us today!

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